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TWINKLE is a movement to inspire bright people and bright businesses to interact. The aim is to support Finland's role as a global business player by discovering the potential of diversity for empowerment, growth and innovation.



Twinkle started in December 2014 when the Talent Tampere network, run by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, gathered international talents in the region to discuss how to strengthen the English-speaking professional networks in the region. This meet-up was called Twinkle and about 150 internationally-minded talents took part in it.

It was at this event that the participants came up with the idea of a new kind of business event centered around the question: how can companies, struggling with a challenging global situation, benefit from the potential of human capital with its international competences and networks it can provide for innovation and growth?

After Twinkle 2014, a group of enthusiastic internationals together with Tredea joined their forces and started to build TWINKLE 2015. Twinkle was no longer a regional initiative but the aim was set high: TWINKLE 2015 was going to be Finland’s biggest business event for international competences and growth. Additionally, the goal was never to merely organize a big event but to launch a model for interaction & dialogue between internationals, companies and public organizations in Finland.

TWINKLE 2015 took place in Tampere Hall in December. It was brought to life by over 100 volunteers and around 80 speakers and facilitators. There were about 800 attendees at TWINKLE, among them representatives from about 80 companies and organizations as well as international talents. The program encouraged companies and talents to interact through various workshops and interactive sessions. Internationally known top speakers also took part in these interactive sessions and offered participants an opportunity to learn from them face-to-face.

TWINKLE 2015 was an ambitious effort: it started without any funding, but the committed volunteers raised the funds and built the magnificent program in less than a year. Tredea supported and co-ordinated.

Twinkle is a totally unique approach that involves international talents themselves in building a platform for internationals, companies and the public sector to interact. Twinkle provides an opportunity for internationals to take action and show what they have to offer for Finnish companies and society.

There’s a strong history of development projects aiming to connect international talents and companies in Finland. The roots, experience and wisdom from this development work led to the birth of Twinkle. Twinkle is now rising on its own wings and continues the story of discovering the potential of cultural diversity for empowerment, growth and internationalization.

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