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Pekka Ketola

ideascout CEO

3DStep. Innovate faster with forerunners and superteams.

Companies must consistently reach for better business, product innovations and vigor. How?

After graduation from Tampere University, I spent 17 years in Nokia product development – the hands-on university for global innovation. The time was full of opportunities for exploration, learning about new technologies, determining user needs, studying trends, as well as building exciting global products with fantastic people.

 There was one key discovery; when you are experimenting with entirely new topics, the best knowledge is not always within your organization, even when you have the most talented team.  We started by applying innovation methods where this is accepted as a fact. One of the best approaches was lead user co-creation method, developed by von Hippel. Projects were conducted by building very special teams comprising staff and forerunners from outside the company. The results were great!

‍Metal AM Gear Box Housing optimised for stress and low mass

When it was my time to fly free from the company I thought; well, this might be useful for smaller companies that have a greater need for external knowledge due to smaller R&D resources. ideascout – the innovation company was established with my business partner Petri Pitkänen in order to explore this path. We have now applied co-creation methods for almost five years, serving companies with cross-disciplinary Superteams to find new products and services.

Ideascout always aspires for the biggest opportunity, both in our own business and in client projects. In addition to innovation co-creation, we have fallen in love with two other themes that stem from the changing user needs and trends:

  • Scouter ( is an exciting solution for urban traffic with a mission to enable green, healthy and fun transportation in cities. Scouter has been developed from scratch following the co-creation practices, and the amazing knowledge and enthusiasm of numerous people.  
  • Our passion is to bring industrial 3D printing into the Tampere business region, and for the Finnish industry. 3D printing is said to the change the world even more than ·   Internet. This sounds like a huge business opportunity, right?

‍‍Aerospace parts in Stainless Steel on Metal AM build platform

3DSTEP ( is a new company established to make this happen. It is also the name for the international 3D printing event that will take place 4th-5th October in Tampere-hall. We are excited to collaborate with TWINKLE to make this happen!  TWINKLE people will be the smart operating system in creating a memorable experience.   

It’s all about the people and how they react to ideas, feelings and opportunities. Vigor comes when inspired people meet and commit.

 Let’s make big things happen together!

 Pekka Ketola, 15.7.2016

ideascout, CEO

Pekka Ketola


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