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Timo Lahti

Co-creating and innovating together

Few would deny that innovation is important to Europe’s economic development. Although universities play a key role in driving innovative research, we are still lacking mechanisms for turning valuable scientific findings into technologies and products that can be commercialised and successfully brought to market. More could be done to engage universities in the commercialisation process and to help students and academics develop their ideas into opportunities that are attractive to business and investors.

With these needs in mind Regus Kora’s open innovation center aims to bring together university students, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to work in creative collaboration at dedicated workspaces at university campuses. In addition to offering a flexible and affordable space to work, Kora provides founders with services, skills and international network they need to start and grow their business.

Within just a few months since its launch, Kora has built a network of five universities in Finland, France and the Netherlands and attracted 45 startups and a few corporate partners such as Philips, EBAN and World Trade Center. With its growing global network of partners and service providers, Kora can help companies find the right international connections and networks to grow their business in new markets.

“We want to help students and researchers in the technology field to develop their study and research projects into viable business opportunities, without them having to leave the university campus. We also welcome startups of different stages and service providers outside of academia to join the center,” explains Jaana Pylvänen, Innovation Director at Kora Arctic Cluster.  Kora also hopes to inspire students to found their own startups or find internship opportunities at companies based in Kora’s university spaces.

Strong belief in power of co-creation convinced Kora to join TWINKLE. At TWINKLE Share International Managing Director of Kora Roger Perrin will have a talk about physical community in the digital world & EBAN. Also at TWINKLE Tools you can discover more about sources of private and public funding for growth potential companies.

Timo Lahti is Innovation Manager at Kora. His goal is to engage universities in the commercialisation process and to help students and academics develop their ideas into opportunities that are attractive to business and investors.

Timo Lahti


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