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Eashan Salhotra

Let’s Create, Share and Care for International and Intercultural Partnerships

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – Heraclitus

Twinkle 2015 is special to me since it reflects everything I wanted to see changing in Finland. Finland is one of the best countries to live but in order to maintain this position, Finland needs to embrace the power of internationalization. This power exists in Finland but is still unexplored. Working with the most multicultural team of volunteers of Twinkle 2015 has taught me that each problem may be solved in different ways and different people have different outlook and opinion on the same issue.

I speak the voice of a student, of a foreigner who has fallen in love with Suomi and has already been treating it as its second home. This country welcomes you, gives you warmth in extreme cold conditions and helps you to keep going. The people of this country inspire with their honesty, their respect for each other and their hard work. However, still there is some hesitation to tap the potential of multicultural environment, to unearth international talent and to explore endless opportunities provided by internationalisation.

Twinkle is not just an event, it’s a movement. A movement to bring Change, to bring Diversity and to bring Creativity.

With the Twinkle Movement (Bright People, Bright Business), we inspire to:

Create – Work with Innovation, Bring New Ideas, Have New and Diverse Outlook

Share – Share Knowledge, Share Competence, Share Experience

Care – For Culture, For Internationalisation, For Diversity, For Change

I urge every reader to join the movement and start contributing from now itself towards a better, multicultural, diverse and bright Finland.

See you at the biggest upcoming event in Finland, TWINKLE 2015 on 7-8 December at Tampere Talo. Don’t forget to register and get early bird tickets. Let’s TWINKLE together.


Eashan Salhotra is a recent graduate from University of Tampere and one of the Tampere – All Bright! Ambassadors. He is one of the most active volunteers of the Twinkle Movement. He foresees Tampere as the Industrial Capital of Finland and the most student friendly city. He is an expert in Enterprise Systems, Social Media and Online Marketing and has five years of professional experience in IT industry. Connect to him on Facebook and/or LinkedIn

Eashan Salhotra


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