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Tuulia Nieminen

Match made in heaven? No, at Twinkle!

Imagine what you could do for your career in 15 minutes of one-on-one time with an interesting employer? How much would your business benefit from meetings with prospective new clients? What if you met a business partner who matches your interests and level of ambition, not just roughly, but fully 100%?

We at TWINKLE know that matchmaking events can kick-start new careers and businesses, or take existing ones to another level. With this in mind, we have put extra effort in designing TWINKLE Match, a networking activity that combines the best of our networking know-how.

Save time during TWINKLE, book meetings beforehand

We utilize a super-easy online tool, Brella, that allows you to browse relevant information about other participants, and also finds and suggests the best matches among participants based on your interests, their offering, and vice versa.

Giving a good impression of yourself is easy and fast, too, since you can use your existing social media profiles (of course, including them is fully optional).

Arranging a meeting at TWINKLE Match is simple:

  1. Sign in to Brella with your LinkedIn profile or create a new profile on Brella
  2. Describe what you are searching for and what you are offering by choosing your interests from the interest trees
  3. Find your match and book meetings

Bring plenty of business cards

We want to encourage you to put enough time into networking during our event.

You have the opportunity to book meetings during both days, in the mornings from 9.00 to 10.00, and in the afternoons from 14.30 to 17.30. The face-to-face meetings will be for 15 minutes each.

Twinkle volunteers have already had a chance to test-drive the matchmaking tool. “I registered on Brella and already got two invitations for a meeting”, says Daryna Barsukova, Communications Coordinator, after her first try at the tool. “Remember to bring plenty of business cards or your contact details with you!” advises Katja Haase, TWINKLE Match Coordinator.

TWINKLE Match and the use of the Brella matchmaking tool are included in all TWINKLE tickets. You will receive an invitation to Brella along with your TWINKLE registration confirmation. If you have registered for TWINKLE before November 22, we will send you a separate email invitation to Brella.

Tuulia Nieminen


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