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Jazib Javed

The Saviour

One could hear the sounds of the wind blowing. The melodic humming of the birds has become a memory. The colours of the trees have started to settle again. The autumn looks like it is gone already. One can feel the wind running towards you and scratching your eyes like revenge. Fingers start to freeze. It’s hard to look in the eyes of the snow when the wind is fighting with all guns blazing. The feeling of submission is imminent. That’s the way to welcome the winters in Finland: with your arms closed and head down. It’s time for the streets to turn white. The winter has finally arrived.

I have never had luck with the buses since I arrived in Finland. Everything seemed so quiet during my first winters here. Everyone is waiting for something to happen, something that will change the direction of the winds altogether. The impression of losing hope is evident, as if everyone is waiting in a queue for the Terminator.

Walking around the streets of Tampere in December gives you a sketch of the after effects of the French revolution. It gives a visualisation of the picture perfect ending from the Charles Dickens best seller “A Tale of Two Cities”. The heads are about to get chopped off in front of the audience and women are sewing sweaters. This exactly depicts the unwanted reality of Finland in December. Nobody wants to know what’s happening around them as if the battle is already lost.

I had to rush for the bus again. Looks like the old story will repeat again. I could see the bus from where I was. I was running fast. For some reason the bus was not moving. To my surprise there were lots of people waiting to board it and, luckily for a change, the old lady was generous this time.

I entered the bus and sat in front of the last row. There is something that’s unusual since last winter. There is a buzz in and around Tampere which was badly needed. I can feel the energy in the steps. The heads are up, the arms are open. It appears that people have found a new way to embrace December. It’s not white anymore. Tampere has found its new color. The city has gone purple.

It was summer when I found myself a part of a team working for something really big. I was lucky enough to be one the pieces of a small team rushing to achieve something that has not been achieved for a long time. Months have gone by and the time has finally arrived. It’s time for TWINKLE2015. I still remember making the video for TWINKLE Pitch ­- it was fun. I have been involved with theatre and media for years. Now I was about to do something really big in Finland for the first time since I arrived here. I and my team will be showcasing two performances during TWINKLE2015. One of them is a UV light show, which has hardly ever done here in Tampere before. Register NOW for TWINKLE2015 so you won’t miss our epic UV light show.

As I close this article, I can visualize the correct word to describe Twinkle in its own way. Twinkle is here to stay. Decembers will never be the same again. They have found its savior. Twinkle it is. Shine it will be. Till you see me in our performances during the TWINKLE ceremony, it’s Ciao Ciao!

Jazib Javed


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