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TWINKLE offers a variety of services that bring together a unique pool of skills and knowledge from talented individuals with the needs of organizations looking for innovation, growth and internationalization.

All our services, whether focusing on education, concrete solutions or information sharing, aim to create synergies, enable people to network and inspire them to learn from one another and together find new opportunities.

Check the list below and choose the service(s) that best suits your needs. If you want to learn more or if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please contact us and together we will find the right solution for you. Please note! TWINKLE association members benefit from special prices for all of our services. 

Co-creation workshops - Brightshops

The purpose of the Brightshops is to help our clients discover new perspectives and solutions to existing challenges. Brightshops are customized workshops based on the specific requirements of companies. They are coordinated by an expert facilitator.

Market analysis

TWINKLE provides specific market analyses with the aim of supporting Finnish companies to enter foreign markets. We are providing general standard packages about certain markets as well as customized packages according to customer needs.

Mentoring program

Our mentoring program aims to facilitate interaction and strengthen connections between international talents and local businesses. We are turning mentoring upside down and offering mentorship for companies that already work internationally or plan to do so. International talents advise your company regarding business environment, communication and cultural peculiarities.

Also available

Seminars, idea competitions, coaching and training, network events and matchmaking.


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